Mpumatech Stainless (Pty) Ltd

Round Stainless Tube

Whether you need tube for structural applications, fluid transportation, or any other purpose, we have you covered.

Our tube are available in both direct-off-mill condition and polished to a smooth 180 grit finish, allowing you to choose the ideal surface treatment for your specific needs.

Round Stainless Steel Tube

Why chose stainless steel when there are cheaper options available?

Although more expensive than other building and component materials, stainless steel is both durable and functional, offering good resistance to physical and environmental factors.

Our 304 and 316 stainless steel tubes are both non corrosive and easy to maintain. Stainless as a material is durable to the point where even after its original application has become obsolete, the tube can invariably be cleaned and re-purposed as is or it can be melted and reused. This is important in a world where recyclability and sustainability are critical.

Stainless steel materials also have good heat and cold working properties and the 304 and 316 grades are resistant to chemical corrosion, hence their use in high corrosive applications within industrial atmospheres.


Mpumatech Stainless Tube (Pty) Ltd.

Mpumatech Stainless Tube (Pty) offers Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) ornamental stainless steel tube in three profiles, i.e.:

  • Round Tube
  • Square Tube
  • Rectangular Tube

Our tube is offered in 6.1 meter lengths with the following finishes:

  • Direct Off Mill (DOM)
  • Polished to 180 Grit

Tube is offered in the following grades:







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