Introduction to 3CR12 Stainless Steel Split Sets / Friction Anchors

We have now partnered with Columbus Stainless Steel in South Africa, who are the producers of 3CR12 stainless steel, to manufacture split sets for highly corrosive environments. 

A key concern of split sets relates to their useful life span in an underground environment. They are vulnerable to corrosion and can become ineffective after a short period of time, with this in mind we now offer 3CR12 Stainless Steel split sets. 

Our 3CR12 Stainless Steel split sets, with similar high tensile properties, is available at a similar price point to the galvanised split sets. Where absolute peace of mind is required, the 3CR12 split set will meet even the most demanding safety standards. 

We have conducted salt spray tests to compare the performance between galvanised and stainless steel split sets and the results show the advantage of using 3CR12 material. 

We believe that this is a great alternative solution to galvanised material and could limit the potential for falls of ground where galvanised material fails over time. 

Key Advantages of 3CR12 Stainless Steel Split Sets

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Recommended for areas high in acid and salinity
  • Galvanised material scratches off when inserting into the hole compromising the steel to the corrosive elements, stainless steel can scratch and remain effective
  • Cost effective compared to galvanised split sets
  • Can outlast galvanised split sets where they fail over time