Advantages of using Stainless Steel

In 1913, Harry Brearley from Sheffield, England discovered a steel that didn’t rust. Brearley found that when he added 12.8% chromium content to molten iron that it did not rust. Chromium today is used widely in stainless steel to provide resistance to steel to stop corrosion. Brearley stumbled upon this discovery whilst trying to solve the problem of erosion of internal surface of gun barrels for the British army during the commencement of the First World War.

Since the initial discovery of stainless steel by Harry Brearley, the advancement of stainless steel has gone on to become an integral part of humankind, improving our daily lives from kitchen utensils to surgical tools to architecture to parts for the automotive industry, stainless steel has really enhanced our lives for the better.

 So what are the advantages of using stainless steel? Why would we use this material over mild steel products? Stainless Steel has many qualities that include: 

  • Corrosive resistance
  • The material require little to no maintenance, this means the purchase price is recovered quickly as it will never require additional coating, like galvanising for example
  • Stainless steel is easy to machine, cut and bend – it is also malleable, ductile and can be welded
  • Has a good resistance to heat and fluctuations in temperature
  • Very good hygienic properties, easy to clean and resistance to micro-organisms
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance properties and can be manufactured in an array of finishes 

At Mpumatech Stainless Tube, we manufacture and supply stainless steel tubing in a variety of grades and profiles to suit our customer’s needs. We are located in eMalahleni (Witbank) in Mpumalanga province in South Africa, conveniently located close to the transport hubs of Johannesburg and Pretoria. We can supply to the local market in South Africa and to the export market in the rest of Africa and Worldwide.

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Author : Andrew Ioannou