Mpumatech Stainless (Pty) Ltd

Grade 409 Stainless Perforated Tube

Also available in other grades of stainless steel

Our electric resistance welded (ERW) perforated tube is trusted by leading industries such as automotive and filtration for its exceptional performance and reliability.

Round Stainless Steel Tube

Due to customer demand, Mpumatech Stainless Tube is now able to supply mild steel and stainless steel perforated tube.

Sizes (OD) currently produced include:

  • 44.5 mm
  • 50.8 mm
  • 63.5 mm
  • 76.2 mm with a 1.6 mm wall thickness.

These tubes are produced for the automotive industry as well as furniture and architectural industries.

Currently we only produce our perforated tubing in Grade 409. They can however be produced in other grades should quantities warrant a mill run.

Perforated Stainless Steel Tube

Currently our  KZN distributor is Stainless and Allied

(031) 701-4749 or (031) 701-4749.

Perforated Tube

Perforated tube finds extensive applications in various industries, including:

Filtration Systems: Our perforated tubes are designed to excel in oil filtration systems, hydraulic filtration systems, and air filtration applications.

Vehicle Exhaust Systems: We provide durable and efficient perforated tubes that contribute to superior performance and emissions control in vehicle exhaust systems.

Applications for our perforated tube include:

Drainage Solutions: Our perforated tubes offer excellent drainage capabilities, making them ideal for applications in construction, landscaping, and agriculture.

Light Diffusion and Sound Dampening: Architects and designers rely on our perforated tubes to achieve controlled light diffusion and sound dampening in both interior and exterior environments.

General Industrial Uses: From conveyor systems to structural components, our perforated tubes serve a wide range of industrial applications.

Architectural and Decor Industries: Create stunning interior and exterior architectural features with our versatile perforated tubes, adding a touch of elegance to your projects.


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