An overview of 3CR12 Stainless Steel

3CR12 was developed in the 1970’s by Columbus Stainless. It is now recognised as the world’s most specified 12% chromium utility stainless steel.It is price competitive, corrosion resistant, weldable, utility chromium steel with particular advantages in wet abrasive applications. Unlike other ferritics it can be welded in thicknesses of up to 30mm. 3CR12 meets the European standard 1.4003, included in spec EN 10088. It also conforms to ASTM A240-UNS-S41003.

3CR12 was developed to provide a superior alternative to coated carbon steels and other materials which have poor corrosive resistance. It reduces costs through eliminating protective treatments and material corrosion allowances.It is used extensively in the mining, materials handling and sugar industries due to its resistance to atmospheric corrosion and wet abrasive corrosion.

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Source : SASSDA/Columbus Stainless Steel