Perforated Tube – South Africa

Perforated Tube:

Mpumatech (Pty) Ltd are manufacturers of a range of high quality, low carbon, hot rolled, perforated steel tube. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every aspect of the tube specification is to their exacting requirements. Clients are able to specify different hole patterns, hole diameter, distance and triaged degrees. Our raw materials are selected for their ductility i.e. drawing ability as well as welding qualities and strength.

As carbon steel is inclined to corrode where it is employed in a corrosive or alkali environment, we recommend that perforated carbon steel tube be coated (painted or powder coated) where this is the intended environment in which it will be applied.

Our perforated tube products are suitable for further working into:

  • Oil filtration elements
  • Mufflers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Hydraulic filtration components
  • Drainage
  • Food processing components
  • Acoustic dampening components
  • Light diffusion components and products
  • Architectural and decorative components and applications

Our tube is longitudinally welded and our expert team of technical staff will gladly discuss your specific requirements, ensuring you select the product best suited to your application.

Mpumatech (Pty) Ltd has over 35 years of tube manufacturing experience, producing steel and stainless steel square, rectangular and tubular steel products to the highest international standards. Our tube is employed in the agriculture, construction and architectural, marine, domestic goods, paper and pulp, pyro-metallurgical, engineering, energy generation, oil and gas, safety and security industries.
We are committed to growing long term relationships and are specialists at developing tube components to suit our clients tailor-made applications and processes, offering precision quality products with fast turnaround times to suit tight schedules.

Feel free to discuss your requirements and specifications with our technical staff.