Mild Steel Perforated Tube

Mild Steel Perforated Tube

Mpumatech (Pty) Ltd is the preferred supplier of mild steel perforated tube in south and southern Africa. Our electric resistance welded (ERW) perforated tube is employed in the automotive and filtration industries. We have the ability to adapt our production processes to suite our client’s specific needs.

Perforated tube applications include:

  • Filtration and
  • Vehicle exhaust systems
  • Oil filtration systems
  • Hydraulic filtration systems
  • Drainage
  • Light diffusion
  • Sound dampening
  • General industrial uses
  • Interior and exterior architectural and decor industries

Often the application will dictate the material from which perforated tube is manufactured. Mpumatech (Pty) Ltd manufactures perforated tube from hot and cold rolled mild steel. Our sister company Mpumatech Stainless Tube (Pty) Ltd produces perforated tube in various grades of stainless steel.

Although perforated tube is able to be worked into various end finishes such as powder coating, painting, anodizing and electro polishing, Mpumatech (Pty) Ltd offers its perforated tube direct off mill in the standard mild steel finish. Our tube is longitudinally welded with the outer seam removed. The option exists for the inner seam to be bead rolled on request at an additional charge. Tube is available as direct off mill or cut to length on request.

Our tube undergoes strict sample testing in accordance with ASTM A554. Representative samples are subjected to destructive and non destructive testing including:

Dimensional tolerance testing, weld bead flattening and flare or drift tests to ensure your peace of mind.

Feel free to contact one of our perforated tube specialists to discuss your specific requirements.