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Perforated Tube for Automotive Exhausts


In South Africa, perforated tube is employed primarily in automotive exhaust and filtration component industries. Our perforated tube is subjected to comprehensive quality inspections as per specification, ensuring that even the tightest tolerances are met and exceeded.

We offer hot rolled carbon steel perforated tube with a 1.6mm gauge and fixed perforation patterns, diameters, distances and triaged degrees. Perforated tube can be supplied direct off mill or cut to length as per client specification.

Perforated Mild Steel Tube

The following range of perforated tube sizes are generally available ex stock:

  • 76.2 x 1.6
  • 63.5 x 1.6
  • 57.1 x 1.6
  • 50.8 x 1.6

Hot rolled perforated tube has good weldability properties, is easily machined and can be readily hardened though heat treatment. Tube intended for applications requiring manipulation through  stretching, flaring or forming should be specified to be manufactured using a steel with a high ductile properties from inception.

Hot rolled tube is preferred where it is intended to be galvanized due to it’s rougher surface enabling greater adherence of the galvanized coating. This tube is also the preferred tube for use in the architectural, ventilation, sound abatement and furniture industries.

Mpumatech (Pty) Ltd makes use of the latest computer controlled production mills enabling us to process over 500 tons of steel tube per year. We offer unparalleled product quality and superior service and are committed to fostering long term supply relationships. Simply fill out our contact form below or call us to discuss your perforated tube requirements.

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